Staging Consultation

Provides valuable feedback on how to best showcase the potential of the home and get it ready for market. Each room is assessed with specific recommendations on what to remove, replace, repair, upgrades, etc.   This is a great service for “do it yourself” homeowners who have the time and energy to follow an action plan.  If after the initial consultation, the seller feels they need additional hands on staging, White Orchid will work with the sellers existing furnishings whenever possible, but may suggest bringing in a few key pieces, when necessary to “pull” it all together.

Interior Re-Design

White Orchid can breathe new life into tired spaces by using your existing furnishings, accessories, and art. We create a fresh new environment that illuminates warmth, beauty and style. If your vision and budget includes new pieces, we delight in creating styles that are current and reflect your personality. Our Re-Design service can develop a decorating plan and then shop for those important pieces and accessories that will help create the desired overall look of your space.

How much does it cost to stage? 

Staging costs vary depending on size of home, # of rooms and scope of work to be done.  It is certainly less than the first price reduction!

Vacant Staging

Transforms property into a  showplace with the careful selection of furnishings, art and accessories. Every home is unique in its character, therefore, should be staged as such.  With a wide array of furnishings, art and accessories to choose from, we have the ability to stay current and on trend.

Color Consultation      

Color is the least expensive way to transform any space, and the most important decision you can make for your home. Whether you are selling or moving in, color plays a very important role in creating mood and setting.  Whether you are painting one room or many, color selection can become frustrating and overwhelming.  We can eliminate the frustration, and create a palette for you to insure a creative and beautiful flow throughout the home.